Help with playing 64+

Here are the basics:

Help with an Ecoin address

I can play the game for fun in Training Mode, or I can play to earn Ecoin in Earning Mode. In order to earn Ecoin, I need to input and use an Ecoin address. I do not risk losing Ecoin by playing the game.

I can get a free Ecoin address at <>.

I need to input and use the Ecoin address in order to activate Earning Mode. I need to complete the intex (win the level) in order to receive a reward in Ecoin.

When I first input and use my Ecoin address, the balance of Ecoin paid to the address is displayed. After I complete an intex, the balance is updated, but it may require several seconds to display the current balance. In general, the balance shows the total of Ecoin after completing the previous level. I can always check my current balance at my online wallet.